Standout | Colombia Finca La Maria | Naturalis Pink Bourbon

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Lavender floral aroma. Notes of guava, purple grapes, blackberries with a high-quality acidity and a dried tropical fruit finish.

Country: Colombia
Region: Caldas
Farm: La Maria
Altitude: 1,950 masl
Varietal: Pink Bourbon
Process: Fermentum Naturalis
Omni-roast | 250 gram

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An exquisite Naturalis Pink Bourbon from Finca La Maria in Colombia, an experience that will take your taste buds on a journey of sensory delight. This coffee is a true masterpiece, with a unique taste that is unlike any other. From the moment you take your first sip, you’ll be captivated by the lavender floral aroma that will awaken your senses. As you explore the flavors of this coffee, you’ll discover a delightful blend of guava, purple grapes, and blackberries. The high-quality acidity perfectly balances the sweetness of the fruit, creating a complex and satisfying flavor profile that is simply irresistible. And when it comes to the finish, you’ll be treated to a dried tropical fruit flavor that lingers on your palate long after the last sip. This is truly a coffee that you will savor and remember long after the last drop has been enjoyed. With this specialty coffee, you can experience the unique flavors and aromas that make Colombian coffee so famous around the world. Indulge in the rich and complex flavors of this specialty coffee from Finca La Maria. Try it today and experience the best that Colombian coffee has to offer!

Finca La María is located in the Municipality of Villamaría (Vereda Llanitos), Caldas Department, Colombia. This region is known for its coffee growing culture, and our farm has a unique microclimate. This is because the soil and the thermal floors of the area are different from each other and give a special and unique microclimate.

Story: Finca La María is the maximum expression of our Innovation and Science project Pura Cepa. Highlighting the taste profile and authenticity of Colombian Coffee. We are committed to ensuring full-circle sustainability that encompasses environmental, farmer, community, and commercial issues, as well as consistently high-quality coffee. We are revolutionizing the coffee-making process and giving our customers the benefits and the best quality, making a difference worldwide. The Naturalis fermentation process at Finca La Maria is done by selecting and floating the cherries, which are then fermented in 6000 liter tanks for approximately 56 hours until the pH reaches 3.5. For this batch, we utilize microorganisms to enhance the flavours of the fruit.