Specialty coffee workshop at the office


This training is for you and your colleagues who would love to learn more to get the most out of their beans at the office! You choose what to focus on: espresso based including latte art or fully focus to get the best out of your filter coffee and v60 skills.

You will get a 3 hour training with our head barista for a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum of 8 persons.

Minimum requirements for this office-based training: an espresso machine with steaming possibility. We will supply fresh coffee beans, milk and a non-dairy option. Optionally, you can buy coffee in advance from our shop or webshop.

How does this work? You buy your “Specialty coffee workshop at the office” ticket in our shop right here, right now. You send us some preferred weeks for the training while buying this ticket and we’ll get back to you to plan the exact date.


Be the best barista at your office!
Surprise your colleagues ánd yourself!

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