Prodigal Coffee | Colombia | La Cumbre Red Bourbon


Farmer Milton Sánchez and processor Jorge Rojas are delivering incredible coffees. Packed with big red fruits (pomegranate and a hint of watermelon), an array of tropical fruit flavors, and remarkable juiciness, this coffee stands out. This red honey red bourbon has a little more process-flavor, but we love it.
This is Prodigal’s first red honey process offering. These cherries were fermented first in the whole form for 48 hours, and then again for 36 hours after pulping, followed by 180 hours of drying time.
Milton has been farming for 12 years, starting in Risaralda, now in Planadas. His farm is planted with gesha and red bourbon varieties, and we’re excited for many more offerings!

Notes: pomegranate, tropical fruit, juicy
Process: Red Honey
Region: Tolima, Colombia
Variety: red bourbon

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