Obadiah | Ndaro-ini | Kenya

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Blackcurrants, vanilla and brown sugar.

Produced by Gikanda FCS
Region – Nyeri
Grown at 1800 – 1900 masl
Varietal – Batian, Ruiru 11, SL28 & SL34.
Harvest – January 2023
Process – Washed
Omni Roast | 250 gram

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Ripe cherries are washed and then pulped to remove the majority of skin and fruit from the bean before it’s fermented. Fermentation is brief and helps to remove any remaining material from the pulping process as well as adding complexity to the coffee. The coffee is then washed and sun-dried, mechanically dried, or a combination of the two until the desired moisture level is reached. obadiahcoffee.com