Machina Coffee | Ethiopia | Kelloo Siko


Notes: Nectarine, Blossom Honey, Lemon
Origien: Ethiopia
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Masl: 2100 – 2250

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The Coffee

Kelloo Siko is another exceptional nano lot from the talented group at Nordic Approach, Oslo. From 2023’s Ethiopian sourcing, this was one of the most amazing finds, considering classic washed coffees that scored 87.25 at the point of selection.

Nordic’s view is that if you want to be the one to find and buy the best coffees out there, you must pay a premium for them, thus supporting the farmers that go the extra mile to produce such unbelievable quality, encouraging quality and the premiums they receive in return.

As the quality of Ethiopian coffee continues to develop, there are more farms becoming synonymous with exceptional quality, alongside the likes of Doramina, Buftu Gudina and Nano Chala, all of whom have been producing stand out lots for a number of years now. Kelloo Siko is a cooperative that typify premium up and coming coffee farming and processing, and are making a firm name for themselves.

Kelloo Siko is a classic washed coffee, with amazing clarity and complexity. It has a very clean profile, rich with white and tropical fruits and an amazingly refined acidity that is super refreshing. It shows notes of nectarine, blossom honey & lemon, all held together is a sweet vibrant cup.