Machina Coffee | Ethiopia | Diima Nensebo (Filter)


Notes: Elderflower, Starfruit, Hazy
Origien: Ethiopia
Region: Chelbesa, Gedeo
Varietal: Kurume, Wolisho
Process: Natural
Masl: 2000 – 2300


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The Profile

Coming from our trusted supplier Nordic Approach, who focus solely on sourcing traceable quality green coffees with distinct flavor profiles we have Diima Danche.

This coffee falls into the “Diima” flavour profile. Diima means “red” in the Oromiffa language, and it indicates that you will find intensity, fruit and floral notes in the cup and that’s exactly what we have found.

In the cup it is clean, floral and sweet but has a complexity which we found to be very enjoyable. We would suggest brewing this coffee with any pour over method to really pull out all of the delicate notes, although using an aeropress or drip method will give you a super full bodied and flavourfull cup.