Machina Coffee | Colombia | Salado Blanco (Filter)


Notes: Green Apple, Butterscotch, Orange Zest
Origien: Colobia
Region: Pitalito, Huila
Varietal: Tabi
Process: Washed
Masl: 1400 – 1900

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The Profile

The Tabi varietal is a slightly newer addition to the coffee world, having been developed in 2002. It is a cross between Bourbon, Typica, and Timor Hybrid. Tabi was developed as a response to the issues being faced related to leaf rust.

The name Tabi means “good” in the Guambiano (a native Colombian tribe) dialect. This coffee shows all the positive cup qualities of it’s parents, while being more resistant to diseases.

This coffee is super juicy with notes of green apple that has a cutting zesty acidity, all rounded off with a butterscotch sweetness. It’s a super easy going, clean and bright, something that everyone will enjoy.