Drop Coffee | Las Delicias, Washed Java | Nicaragua

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Flavour description: A sweet aroma of dried apricot. This is a delicate cup with notes of apricot, brown sugar and citric zest with a cooling finish. The coffee has a light to the medium mouthfeel of elderflower lemonade.
Farm: Las Delicias
Producer: Eleane Mierisch
Colour: Turquoise
Category: Comfortable
Varietal: Java
Processing: Fully washed. Common for Nicaragua, the coffee is washed and separated by density directly at the farm before it is taken by truck to the process station. At the processing station the coffee is de-pulped (beans removed from the coffee cherry), fermented overnight and dried on raised beds.
Location: Lipululu in the region Jinotega
Altitude: 1450-1500 meters above sea level
Harvested: January to February 2022
Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural flavours of the coffee.

Filter Coffee | Espresso | 250 gram

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