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 9,00 incl. btw

Dark Chocolate Cookie, Dates, Amaretto

50% Brazil / Campestre
25% Nicaragua / Aldea
25% Ethiopia / Limu

HENRY, as good as he’s always been but now in a 100% HOME COMPOSTABLE POD! Nespresso compatible.

A flavour fit for the true specialty coffee lovers! And the best part is that these pods are 100% home compostable and come in a cute pack of 10! Pop them in your brown bin and say goodbye…guilt free!

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We have developed three neat controls to ensure you are tasting the best the pod has to offer.

  1. Use filtered water – best option to extract the same tasty flavours as us.
  2. Weigh the shot – Just like our core range, it’s important to weigh your espresso shot. We have been trialling this and feel the right zone is 26-30g, 30g being optimal.
  3. 96 degrees celsius – if you’re able to adapt machines temperatures.